Twitter Rumoring behavior research

Tracking the Online Spread of Misinformation after Disaster Events.


For ten months I worked with Professor Kate Starbird at the University of Washington on her research related to tracking the online spread of misinformation after disaster events. We worked towards creating and developing an infrastructure to identify emerging crisis events, collect data in real time on those events, find rumors within that data, and then analyze the data.

My role focused on manually coding Twitter data, quantitatively and qualitatively analyzing that data, and writing a paper from the analysis. I was part of a subgroup that focused on social network analysis and the idea of information epidemiology. Our paper, "How Information Snowballs: Exploring the Role of Exposure in Online Rumor Propagation" (Ahmer Arif, Kate Starbird, Emma Spiro, Kelley Shanahan, Fang-Ju Chou, Yoanna Dosouto) appeared at the CSCW 2016 conference in San Francisco, CA. More information on the research group and lab can be found here.