C6: a carbon Emission tracker

Empowering users to help create a greener world through omnipresent technology

C6 was created in the fall of 2014 as part of an upper-level undergraduate User Experience Design course. My team and I were assigned the following problem statement to solve: It’s 2020 and due to rising environmental concerns, the government has set a limit on personal carbon emissions. Individuals need a way to easily budget, monitor, and reduce their personal carbon footprints.

The design process for this project included project characterization and research, persona building, story-boarding, task analysis, system-mapping, prototyping, and user testing. In executing this process we iterated over design and landed on creating a wearable carbon tracker.

Project milestones and documentation:

Collaborators: Daniel Aldridge, Jennifer Kumura, Steven Raden, and Brian Vegara