Amazon Kindle X-Ray Redesign

Finding the balance between social and solo reading.

X-Ray Redesign Demo

As part of an undergraduate course, my team redesigned Amazon's Kindle X-Ray feature. X-Ray is a powerful feature, allowing users to dig into the "bones of a book" and learn outside of the literature itself (more information here). After spending time using X-Ray and conducting client interviews with Amazon managers, our team centered ourselves around the question "Within the reading experience of a Kindle Fire device, how can customers view X-Ray content inline without taking the reader away like we do today?"

We created a highly interactive product, allowing the user to explore facets of his/her literature while remaining engaged with the book. To activate X-Ray, swipe two fingers down on the screen. This will highlight the people, places, and things of the book as well as passages highlighted by the reader’s friends. To learn more about a person, place, or thing the reader taps the highlighted text and the screen splits to give an inline description. This meets the needs of both social readers and readers who prefer a less social experience.

Collaborators: Yuriana Garcia, Ian Palmgren, Andy Peraza, Brian Vergara